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The V&VN Department of Social Psychiatric Nurses (formerly known as the Dutch Association of Social Psychiatric Nurses - NVSPV) has been the professional association by and for Social Psychiatric Nurses since 1979. On this page we will inform you about the main objectives of the association, its structure and the activities organized.

The professional association guards and stimulates the quality of Social Psychiatric Nursing. In 1998 a Profile of Occupation was developed and published. This is one of the activities by which the association played along with the process of professionalization going on in Social Psychiatric Nursing the last few years. Besides the already mentioned Profile of Occupation and the professional code (2000), the V&VN-SPV has the opinion that good quality is also being secured by suitable promotion of expertise.

Most Social Psychiatric Nurses work in the ambulant psychiatry. Other Social Psychiatric Nurses are active in the intramural psychiatry or in other sectors like the care and treatment of drug addicts or judicial aid. Characteristic of the practice of a Social Psychiatric Nurse’s profession is the cooperation between important partners, which benefits the quality of healthcare. The association thinks this means that Social Psychiatric Nurses are receptive to that which is needed in healthcare by their clients and the environment. An important part of the healthcare is being determined by working together with other disciplines within and without the Mental Health Care. In addition to this aid-demands of clients are being situated within social developments and circumstances. Fighting marginalization, a critical attitude towards the pathological model and paying attention to the abolition of certain groups in our society, are important characteristics. Paying attention to social developments also means that the professional association supports the opinion that developments in education, legislation and the increasing involvement of clients demands an anticipating and innovative attitude from Social Psychiatric Nurses.

About 80 % of the social psychiatric nurses are a member of the association, which is being managed by a general committee consisting of five chosen members from the professional group. The general committee meets once a month and gives account to her members at the general conferences for members twice a year. Within the general committee the chairman, the vice chairman, the secretary and the treasurer make up the daily committee. Members of the committee are taking part of several panels and workgroups, dependent on their specific field of attention, and report developments at the committee meeting. In addition to this the committee consults local representatives of the association regularly.

The association maintains administrative consultation with relevant actors within the exercise of the Mental Health Care policy. For that purpose the Dutch Association of Social Psychiatric Nurses (NVSPV) has joined the Nursing Federation within the Mental Health Care and the General Meeting Nursing and Care. In addition to that the NVSPV maintains contacts with the ministry of Welfare, National Health and Sports, the Health Care Inspection, Mental Health Care Netherlands and the National Centre Nursing and Care. Developments in education make up an area of attention for the association as well. The NVSPV is a member of the Central Body Training Nurses.
Besides the association is in contact with the Advanced Training Social Psychiatric Nurses at College of Utrecht and one of the members of the committee is active during the exams of this training as a second examiner.

- The journal Social Psychiatry is the specialist journal for Social Psychiatric Nurses and is published by the association. The journal is composed by independent editors.
- Through the workgroups the NVSPV is closely involved in the policymaking of the union. There’s a collaboration on the administrative level. The V&VN-SPV promotes her members’ general and specific interests immaterial. Both the material interests and the ones concerning the legal position subsumed with the union.
- There’s a website with recent information about the V&VN-SPV.
- The V&VN-SPV organizes tutorials. Promotion of expertise is an important instrument to raise the quality of social psychiatric nursing.
- The twentieth anniversary of the V&VN-SPV came to a conclusion by publishing the book “Hopefully concerned”, social psychiatric nursing from the twentieth to the twenty-first century. In this book Mrs. Van der Padt writes about the developments in social psychiatric nursing on the basis of literature search and interviews.

All social psychiatric nurses and students in training can become a member of the
V&VN-SPV. People or institutions who would like to support the association can become contributor. Both relations will receive the journal Social Psychiatry four times a year, all meeting- and information documents from the association and a discount on tutorials. After subscription members are send a function profile of the social psychiatric nurse. The general meeting is only open to members.
The association also offers the opportunity only to subscribe to the journal Social Psychiatry.

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Administration Office V&VN-SPV
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Phone: (040) 292 60 41
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Website: www.venvn-spv.nl


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